Our Team


PNL is led by David Porter, along with Scott Kocurek, Head of Asset Management, and Dan Levitan, Head of Acquisitions.


Our team brings over 120 years of experience in real estate, banking, investment banking, real estate underwriting, collections, workouts, bankruptcy, accounting, and construction/renovation experience to the task of maximizing performance on our portfolio.


PNL is a privately owned firm with 100% of its equity held by its principals, key staff and affiliated parties. In a market niche requiring substantial judgment and initiative, it is imperative that our professionals act and think like partners and investors. For this reason, PNL has created a series of annual partnerships making our acquisitions, accounting and asset management professionals side-by-side partners in our investments.


PNL's ability to maintain a flat organization and entrepreneurial culture, is key to our ability to outperform large institutional firms.